My brains are about to explode

I need a break from the last 4 hours of studying. So I asked John (my roommate), "What do people do when they need a break but dont want to play World of Warcraft? Don't say anything about kit-kat bars." His first suggestion was to drop my pants b/c it solves all problems. I already did that earlier today, perhaps something different. So he suggested i think of some of my other hobbies. Wow was my hobby but I decided I've grown out of it. Wtf, mate!? So I decided i should start writing or blogging or w/e again.

A friend of mine, Emily, is back from College in Pennsylvania. She's decided to take a short break from her master's program in social psychology. She deemed the work to be no longer important to her and overly stressful to the point she no longer had drive or passion continue. It will be nice to hang out with her. She's attempting to get a job as a glorified secretary at IUPUI for one of the faculty members / instructors. I believe its a good decision. She'll still be in an academic environment and can go back to school should she decide to pursue an alternate route. Her girlfriend, Vicki, is out of town, Chicago, I'd imagine visiting family, perhaps. So for now its cool to see Emily just herself and catch up. I plan on going to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with her to look up the name of a painting that I found to be pretty cool. Instead of describing the painting, I'll describe what it portrayed.... I really need to find out the name of it.

He grabbed the monkey firmly around the neck. It squealed, writhing and scratching at his large hands. Should Giovatti tighten his grip, the monkey’s neck would snap- such a thin, frail animal; now shrieking in terror. “Now listen to me Lucifer!” began Giovatti with great force. “You will not implore my sense of nobility or honor, for you possess no such traits. You have interrupted my work. You have taken on this meager guise to shroud yourself from the Light.” The shrieks did not cease. The thrashing and attempts of making freedom were relentless. The eyes betrayed the animal. Cunning and wit were within them. Giovatti continued, “It will be only fitting that you become a tool, something of benefit to me and the Light itself. Hold this candle, and in the name of God and all that is holy, you shall provide me means to work late into the gloomy night until the candle burns no more.” Giovatti, with his free hand, reached for a freshly burning candle. He drew in a great breath and let out a heavy, tired sigh. “Perhaps, you shall learn something while I work. Now remain still, quiet, and you are not permitted to leave until the flame burns down and its glow is extinguished.” Giovatti held the candleholder in front of the monkey.

The Original Evil had become compliant, no longer crying and trying scratch its captor. Giovatti wrapped the monkey’s small fingers around the handle. The monkey quietly held the light still as the flame gradually burned down the wick. Giovatti paid no more attention to the small, fanged, night guest. Through the hours of darkness Giovatti worked, talking to himself aloud and occasionally humming a random tune from his youth as he copied scripture and wrote philosophy, analyzing meanings and forming conclusions only to be rebuked by further analyses. The clouds covered the moon and candle burnt no more. All was dark. A breeze floated through an open window. Giovatti stood up. “It appears to be time for bed.” He did not bother to see if his furry pupil was still around. Walking to the down filled bed Giovatti felt oddly accomplished and somewhat restless. He was an old man with a graying beard. He could not afford to be up any longer lest he waste much of the next day in a stupor haze from lack of sleep. Oh how he missed his more carefree days of adolescence.

John's brother, Eric, is chilling over here for the next several days. I'm not really sure why, but i dont particularly care. I enjoy having him over.

omg.... i soooo dont know what to write. I think there are more hotties out this summer than last, if its any consolation for lack there of which to write about.

My second day of Anatomy lecture proved to be quite fruitful. I read the chapter in advance and took 10 pages of notes that is STILL ongoing from the book. However, i'm gonna friggin pawn this ANP 102 class. I figured reading and taking notes ahead of time would overcome the thick accent my teacher has. I'm still unsure where he's from. He also got a "pocket microphone" that he put on his collar which now makes him incredibly easier to listen to. The first day of class i was straining to hear him.

Sometimes, reading the AnP text book i cant help but find some things funny. Like right now we're going over the Digestive System. Well, I walk up to Eric and John last night and I announce, "I have a joke!" I continue, "What do you call an enZYME that kills bacteria? Lysozyme!!!" HAHAHAHA! You know like lysol and enzyme put together!? Well, i understand thats not really how it works and that there are respective word parts that merely make up the word in its meaning but i still love how so much ANP terminology actually tells you its meaning should you dissect it and look at the word parts.

My friend Brian humored me as i explained the different tissue layers of the GIT (ie: mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa and serosa) lol. I need more ANP friends to talk about this stuff with. I spent like 15-20 minutes hung up on a chemical reaction formula trying to describe what i think is the conversion of HCl in the stomach to a more alkaline base.... or maybe it was talking about how bicarbonates (like maybe carbonic anhydrase???) turn ... no... wait... hmmmmmm dammit. i thought i was on the right track. Well, whatever! I've concluded this is not necassary to know, just as long as i'm aware of the "alkaline tide" and that it occurs when the stomach is "full" due to blood leaving the stomach with a higher pH. omg... i hate chemistry. I'm not looking forward to taking it. I might opt for microbiology... but... hmmm... that is still almost as difficult. Meh. So after forever of being hungup on this I just wrote down what i just said about the alkaline tide and continued on for few more pages diligently taking notes.

You know... for as interesting as all of this honestly is, I feel like no one around me really cares or has interest... well, i guess that's b/c they dont. Oh well, Its gonna completely pay off and i'm gonna finally get out of entry-level jobs and have something important to do!

Hmmm. I was hoping to write about something more creative in this post.


I really have so much to say to you. I don't know where to begin. You might be the best waiter I have ever had. Thank you, and may God bless you in all that you do.

Jason J*****


P.S. The SHT cake was awesome!

The "SHT cake" is MY abbreviation of "Strawberry shortcake". Its explained further on in the entry...I actually got that note today from this very very VERY attractive young man... wait, did i say 'young man'? Oh my God.... I'm getting old!!! Like... wow, that's so FN scary to me. Well, anyways, i copied just as it is on the back of the Steak n' shake (SNS)placemat i have now in my hands. Okay, i actually "met-met" this dude yesterday (Monday) when he came in (in his UPS uniform) with 3 other friends. He ordered coffee and some other food item that i can't remember. He was extremely cute/hot... well, okay, waaaaay more hot than cute (but he's 18!! as i later found out). But he got hella coffee. He's was really-really nice. And he seemed so outrageously impressed at... well, at everything i did with their table (which was pretty much be myself). At first, I thought he was mocking me. I was even a bit annoyed- especially since I was already in a crappy mood. Yet, "Jason" - as his UPS name tag read, kept up the enthusiasm even while talking to his friends... a bit more toned down, but the expression was there. I thought he was hot right off the bat, and i ALSO thought he was a bit queer right off the bat, too... but I dismissed it. I wondered if he had a girlfriend? Maybe him and the girl he was sitting next were dating... so, if they were should be some kind of contact between them to show some kind of connection. I watched his hands for a lil while between running food and taking orders. Sure it wasn't a very efficient method of doing so, but i'm never right on shit ilke this, so I kept saying, "he's str8!" "He's str8!" "He's gotta be!" But i never saw any contact. In fact he seemed more like he and the girl were almost best friends...?????? But whatever... I went over a couple times to apologize about the tardiness of everything since i was the only server out on the floor and doing EVERYTHING for this god-awful mad rush we were having at the particular moment. He was extremely cool, and I hate to say it, but he told me how much a good job i was doing and how impressive. Then he cited examples to prove that i was doing a good job... and u know what? He actually made me feel a lot calmer! I mean, the annoying (yet, seemingly annoying) UPS punk actually made me feel good about myself! WTF!?

So whatever. They stayed for such a very long time and we got to talk a little bit between him, myself, and the other three people in the group. They were all very nice. But it bothered me that he blended so well with his group of people. I don't mean that in a bad way... but if he WERE gay/bi-curious, wouldn't I see some kind of sign?) Like he didn't do anything to stand out from his lil' posse. He went in time with them so perfectly, as if he was rolling with the punches and everything he said could be called for and not necassarily be taken out of context. However, if u were to take little fragments of it. Like just lil clips of it, those little fragments of speech would occassionally seem like a weird thing to say and would leave an almost unnoticable question mark above that singled out phrase/turn of words. But, me, the grammar/linguistic-esque wanna-be buff that I am, picked up on that! But, wait! That's just my imagination! Fuck that shit... its in my head. Its just that he's a NICE guy that he said what and the way he said it b/c he's a NICE guy, right? I can't even point out any examples, its just a thought i remember having at the time and then i dismissed it.

Then they came up to pay, and this was the first time i got to actually talk-talk to him, b/c he actually did break away from his lil' group. We got on the subject of something, that lead to something (just mild chit-chat, but the kind of none-sense we're just talking shit that is soooo not important.... hmmm...) but it lead to two speeding tickets I had had in Highschool and my first year in college. I told him about how the judges had thought I was on drugs b/c i was so off the wall with nervosa. I had even called one "your highness" instead of "your honor".

OH YEAH!! I remember, he was telling me how awesome it was to see me out there taking orders and being so cool and nice to people. He thought it was so awesome how i had every single fucking 'please' and 'thank you' down! He even caught on to how when i give my introduction "Hi, welcome to steak n' shake. My name's Arthur, and i'll be your server. Our soups are beef-vegetable and chicken noodle. We also have coke products if you'd like to go ahead and order. But if you already know what you'd like to order, feel free to go ahead. Oh! and btw, I'm supposed to recommend our NEW premium topping steak burgers, as u can see on our placements and menu inserts!"

I say ALL of that, and I say it REALLY REALLY REALLY FAAAAASSSSSTTTT!!!!! Most people crack up laghing or giggling. Lil' kids really like it, too. I say this speech at least 30 times a day... usually old people and people in a big hurry don't let me say it.

OH YEAH!!!! (to get back to my earlier point) HE EVEN CAUGHT ON TO HOW WHEN I SAY MY INTRODUCTION I say, "I'm SUPPOSED to recommend our premium topping steak burgers". He asked me what i really thought of them and i told him they were over-priced and nasty.

THEN we started talking about how the only people he knew as happy as I am are people on X or something. Then as he was leaving, he came back and asked, really close, if i was on something right then. I raised my eyebrows and mocked being shocked! I said, of course i wasn't! I wouldn't EVER go into work fucked up or something... that's FN stupid! And i get this really cute/ really "amazed" smile from him. Like, i almost thought that he thought i was really cool at that moment. Like, he couldn't believe that I could be this cheery and still say i was having a bad day. I almost wanted to tell him that its called being "gay" for a reason- you know, as a play on the word "gay." But i don't think its right to be saying shit like that to people you don't really know. Especially when my tip is dependant on it.

They also left me a nice 6 dollar tip, Which was prolly tipping within reason, but you know, a lot of times you just don't expect nice tips from younger crowds.

Oh, and while Jason and I were having our lil' conversation at the register I found out that he was 18, too.

Then today, he came in with 4 other people. One of them was this girl, Erin, that i know from the Japanese Saturday school back when I was in Highschool. Jason was cool and talked normally, or at least what was normal for him, i believe. But of the table of five, i paid most of my attention between Jason and Erin. I hardly said anything to them, but Erin and Jason totally talked back, and Jason made several very nice comments about me to his and Erin's party.

One thing that was kinda funny that Jason and I laughed about was my abbreviation for STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is SHT CAKE. I showed him my abbreviation and we all made fun of the shortcake calling it shit cake.... yeah, yeah, that sounds lame now, but it was really funny. You had to be there.

But nothing today, other than that, really stuck out... although, he came in with shorts on and he has really nice legs.... :-D

But anyways, I was just really attracted to him... I was thinking of ways of how to somehow show interest in more obvious ways just to him... but I couldnt think of any beyond the simple "i'm going to focus a lot of attention on you and ur table " excercises. However, i thought of a lot ways that I could more easily hit on someone if they were MY waiter. You know, leave a lil note... Tip better.... engage in conversation... but WHATEVER!!! I dismissed these thoughts again. But for the hell of it, while they had all paid their bills and were leaving I went over to the table just hoping Jason would have left a hidden note under his dish or something. Instead I see the table has SEVERAL notes on it... scrawled in crayon.

The others read (word for word, punctuation for punctuation):


your my hero and the love of my life!


The man who was sitting here

Which was from some dude who was sitting next to Jason.

Dear Arthur,

thank you so much for waiting on us. you are an absolute delight.


miss erin

The other one was drawing of a stick figure that had a speech bubble above its head, saying, "Look at me, i'm kevin, and i'm a big dumbass... and i'm dead."

</blockquote>When i got up to the table, I was so excited to see a note... then i saw the other notes, so i chose one at random, and read it aloud in a very monotonous tone without emotion expecting it to be something stupid and unrelated to anything. I read Jason's letter out loud while Erin was still at the table. When I finished it and saw the signature I had split second where I was dumbfounded. I was just totally speechless. I mean, the way he used the different colors, and how he hoped God blesses me.... wow. That was really nice. I told Erin that that was really nice. I told how i met jason yesterday and I thought he was actually a really really nice person, and then Erin gets on about how Jason has, appearantly, talked about me before to her... sounded like multiple times, but i don't remember what exactly she said... i was just so shocked that he even remembered me enough to make comment of me outside of a steak n' shake environment.

While he was heading toward the door with his group of friends, i yelled to them to have a great night, and come back and see me again tomorrow! I work 6-11! I figured that if there was any meaning behind any of this, i'd prolly see him tomorrow! But if he thinks like i do... or did when i was 18, i'd prolly give it a few days b4 i go back. But i really really hope he shows up tomorrow!

Well, i guess i really don't know what to think of this.... i know this is just wishful thinking, but... it would just be really cool if i was right.

But... what if he's just a really really nice person!? Well, who cares! Then he's a really nice person and I should be friends with him! that's how I need to handle this decision. Does the God bless part have any strong significance? How religious is he? Too religious to be gay? BAH! Too many questions with so little information.

However, this girl i work with named Liz,I call her Eliza, knows Erin really well, and Erin knows Jason, so maybe I can leech info through this untapped grapevine!?

sadness.... wow addict

Since I can't play World of Warcraft right now (b/c those damned servers are offline and have been all day), i'm going back to my old addiction: Lj.

I've just talked to 3 friends about how the servers are down. This is how it went:

I called Karl- "Karl, the servers are down."
Brandon called me- "Arthur! Bad news, man: the servers are still down"
I called John- "The servers are down!" and John responded- "I know, man. i got off work with you, remember?" "Oh yeah..."
John called me back a few minutes later- "Only 90 minutes until they're up again? U gonna be on?" I respond with, "Hell Yeah!"

It is now 12:49 am.
Another 70 some minutes to go.

I love new yoooOOORRRrrrrrrkkkk.... something bjork.... or maybe torque... or anything but dork..

b/c to rhyme "like a dork" with "new york" is fucking stupid.

ARTHUR IS IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY FN GAWD!!!! I'm in NYC!!!! My hotel has like over 40 floors!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! The skyscrapers go sooooo high! I mean, they're totally amazing!! Its so unbelievable!!!!

And then there was Time Square!!!!!! And i've only been here for like 15 hours so far and already i've wandered the streets of NYC trashed and met another trashed person and we soooo had a trashed moment! (and his sober "friend"- looked kinda queer, was totally cute)

Okay, so lets get down to business.

Wednesday my two friends, Steph (whom I've known since 6th grade) and Marco (my BSU friend i met through my other friend, Mike) came over to my apartment. Marco ditched us and headed to his friend, Clint's house and got trashed. He came back over around 3-ish. He then slept for 2 hours and we departed via automobile on a 13/14 hour trek through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and then to Connecticut. In the first 3 hours of the trip we received some pretty shitty news about how Karl, steph's b-friend/my friend, had slipped on ice while driving her car home and totalled it. Steph was planning on getting a new car in the next few weeks anyways, so she wasn't too upset and was much more concerned with Karl's welfare (did i use "welfare" correctly?). He's mostly okay, although it sounded like he swallowed some glass which the three of us strongly urged him to see a doctor. We talked to him later and he seems to be fine, so i doubt there's much to worry about. The last 4 hours of the trip i asked Marco to drive b/c i was beat. None of us had slept the previous night and it had finally hit me around the 10th hour of driving. Marco and Steph slept part of the time i drove, so they had caught up on sleep. I slept for a good while and then woke up as we were leaving NY.

We arrived in CT and met up with Richard (rminct) in New Haven. He took us out to some fancy-fancy place that sooooo totally rocked b/c it seemed so cool, although from what he told us, it wasn't THAT fancy, but it was totally waaaay nicer than anywhere i've ever eaten at! After dinner and talking and what not, we went back to the hotel room where i crashed and Marco and Steph watched LOST.

The next day we took a bit of a tour around the Yale area and it was really interesting. Yale seems like such a beautiful place and it made me feel smart just by being there. Classes were let out for spring break, so few students were actually around... although, this one tour guide that i saw directing a group of people in one of Yale's courtyards was pretty hawt.

After Yale, we took the ferry to Brookhaven labs. While on the ferry i kept popping fairy vs. ferry jokes. Yeah, they were lame... but for real, 1 year 4 months w/o sex. omg.... i can't help it. I need to get laid and i kept spotting hot guys EVERYWHERE! So those ferry vs. fairy jokes just kept flowing... "I'm riding the ferry/fairy b/c that's what ur supposed to do" or "3 fairies on a ferry!" etc etc... like i said, lame-ass fucking jokes that were soooo not funny. We got to Brookhaven and Richard showed us hella cool shit that seemed sooooo intensely advanced. However, i didn't expect Brookhaven to be as "hands on" as it actually was. I was kinda almost expecting something that a lil' kid would think of as scientist- u know, white lab coats, totally sterile white rooms that are completely spotless! However, that was not the case, and a good thing, too. It had a much more homely atmosphere that didn't make us feel so out of place.

Once Brookhaven was complete, Marco drove us to NYC. We went through this kick-ass/long-ass tunnel and came out the other end to hella "horn honkers". Richard says its just the way people communicate in NYC and to pay it no attention. I say they're all a bunch of shit heads who need to get a life and lower the noise pollution- "eeehh!! i'm walkin' here!"

We checked into our 40+ story hotel.... omg.... its so expensive, but its so centralized. We're at the Warwick and its totally amazing! We encountered some problems with Richard's reservation but was solved about an hour later. We all unpacked and it is sooo cool. I think i'm the one who's soooooo incredibly impressed. Marco's totally cool with big cities, and steph is a pretty mellow person so she's not hyping it up as much as I think she's actually feeling! Richard goes to his room and I start drinking! I really wanted to see the lights at night kinda fucked up! and wow!!!!! were those lights awfully pretty!!!! I have great pics in Time Square of all the billboard things! We went out to some Greek restaurant. I had two glasses of chardene-sp? and it kinda... put me over the edge and REALLY got me fucked up, especially since i was really craving a salad and ended up eating only a little bit of it so the food didn't have much chance to absorb any of the liquor. But it was still great, and i'm a cool playful drunk, as opposed to a violent one like some of my friends... but now i'm going to try spending most of my trip sober to fully enjoy it! We also went to the Virgin music store in Times Square and it was really exciting. I was too drunk to really find anything i would have wanted, but i did find this one madonna tribute album that i've been looking for for a while bc its actually kinda like a versus album and really rocks!

Today is Friday... I think we were supposed to be doing something right now, like seeing a museum? However, steph and Marco are such lazy asses that they're still in bed, despite me being hung-over and typing my little gay boi heart away with such enthusiastic excitement.

I wonder what we'll do today and tomorrow! Its all such a wonderful adventure!!!!!!

PS... clubbing tonight or tomorrow!!!!!

Now, i think i'm going to write an email and then ask richard if he wants to take atrip to star bucks while steph and marco wake up to face this bright and exciting.... and nauseating day.... i'm so hung over, dammit. But its all good! U know why!? B/C I'M IN NYC, BITCHES!!!!

:-P :-D :-D :-P

A must-see movie list for all the

Steph (a friend since sixth grade), and John (a friend of the group I used to hang out with in Highschool) all work at Steak N' Shake and are all 21. We were discussing our all-time most influencial movies at work and Karl (a highschooler, working at SteaknShake, only 16 years old)- one of Steph, John, and myself; hadn't seen more than half of our remarked movies. We were so shocked and so decided the three of us needed to put together of a bunch of must-see movies from the 80's & 90's and then some of our favorites from all over movie history.

** Steph has 50 already....

** The first one to this is list is- The Fly (the original, B&W version)

What are some classic movies (80's & 90's)that would be a must-see for the people currently in junior high/beginning of highschool?

English 308

Image hosted by

I'm SOOOOOO going to TOTALLY LOVE English 308. Mai Kuha is the teacher, and she's such a blast! Molly (sunihiroku) is going to be my partner on our group projects and well... yeah... this pic is from when Dr. Kuha went around taking everyone's picture for her lil' photo album so she'll remember names with faces.

When I asked her if I could have a copy of the picture she said, "Your people tend to really like pictures, especially of themselves." I know that sounds rude to say such a thing, but if you ever met the woman, you'd realize that she means no true rudeness by the comment of "your people." I actually thought it rather funny that she'd put it in such a way, but its totally true for a lot of gay people. Most gay men do tend to have a narcissistic streak in them. Mine is just more evident than most, i suppose... hehehe.

I also wanted to post this since its a good shot of the ear cuff I got a few days ago!

alright!!! Linguistics in Anthropology

My friend, Molly, and I will now be in Anthropology 308 together! Someone dropped out of the class and I grabbed it up just now!!!! phew!!! I was short 3 credit hours, too! I'm so glad the class opened up another seat! I was just about to sign up for a math class- *spew*

2nd day

This is the second day in a row that i've woken up at 7 am by myself.... how weird- and how boring. There's nothing to do this early. Not to mention tv sucks this early.

I fell asleep around 9:45 last night...

I am still wearing the same clothes I wore last night when I went to bed (my hoodie, jeans, and t-shirt). I bet its so cold in here b/c the people from downstairs are gone and I'm not getting any heat rising from their apartment... at least that's my theory. Time to turn it up...



Except this time, I didn't get two full pages, but I did get a quarter of a page, which is SOOOO better than NO picture!

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okay, so maybe they fucked up where I'm from, but that's okay.... I can live with that, i suppose.

I was also a bit embarrassed by how mine is the crudest one in the magazine... oops! Oh well... When I wrote it I thought it was FN funny! I still kinda do, but I bet this totally gonna make me out to be a perv- at least a hot one, though!