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Drugs, Rockn'Roll, BadAss, VegasWhores, L8 nites, BootyCalls, Shiny Disco Balls

True 'Dat Yo... *muah*

2 October 1984
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Well, Let's see here... 18 years old, A senior at hamilton southeastern highschool, I'm a foreign language freak! I am involved with Latin, German, American Sign Language, and Japanese!! I work at Arby's and I'm ALWAYS HORNY!!!!

boingy boingy boingy boingy boingy

BTW- I'm bisexual, and
I HATE SPEECH!! Chemistry!!!....???
Who really cares what I hate... I'm graduating from Hamilton Southeastern High School!!

I graduated from Hamilton Southeaster High School this year. I'm a bit confused as to what my plans are for later on in life. I am in love with foreign languages. I hope to continue studying German, American sign language, and Japanese. I'm 18 years old, and like any 18 year old BOI (yeah, you heard right!) I'm constantly horny!!!

I hope you like to dance!

OKAY!!! Here is a NEW biography entry thingy. My name is Arthur. I graduated from Hamilton Southeastern Highschool, Indiana, in 2003. I love foreign language grammatics and such. I am horrible with romantic languages, but i wish to continue studying german in the near future, Sign Language, and of course JAPANESE!!!!

I am mostly a pretty fun person with WAAAAAAY too much energy. I think i have so much energy b/c i just don't get laid enough- if EVER!

gay, by the way! (hey, that rhymes!) So I'm gay. Everyone knows, its not a big secret or anything. No one cares and rarely has anyone EVER cared, so I've had it pretty damn easy as far as being out and such.

I am attending Ball State University, and loving it- most of the time! :-P

I like myself, and you should like yourself... that is my piece of advice!!

New Bio... I've turned into a typical overdramatic faggot. I'm a slut. I'm a whore.... However, usually those things involve getting laid. For some reason I lack that aspect of the "sluttiness and whoriness."

I've become extremely disappointed in myself, and I hate Indiana. I hate this place so much.

The world revolves around Arthur. I live entirely in self-delusion.

I used to reallly think i was an awesome person, but I don't feel that way anymore. I really think i'm a loser. I'm just glad the world can know it now too!


I no longer feel comfortable with this journal and will most likely let it drop out of the fast lane for a while, if not permanently. Its no longer fun to update. Its not even theraputic - sp? to update in private entries anymore. Its like everything this thing just isn't worth it and it doesn't properly portray who i am. It used to, but i've changed, and i can no longer comfortably write about those changes. Hell, most of those changes are listed in the above info which was striked out.

I knew i kept that shit around for a reason. Something in me just isn't right, or missing, or well, something is just very very off. I'm lonely alot, despite my always willing circle of friends. Well, I think i'll shut up now. Sayounara, y'all.

Okay, it was a nice break.... 3rd year at BSU.... what mischeif can I cause now?

oh my goodness.... I didnt realize how emo I had gotten with this journal. Kinda makes me embarrassed to see a lot of this. I guess its part of growing up. Go go hormones (*hopes ppl buy that excuse*)